Paradise is not a place, but a condition of the soul.

My intention for 2018 is to tap the eggs and begin the hatching. For us to grow into the divine beings of light we are meant to become and creating the exceptional lives we know we are capable of living.  I’ve been mulling over how precious and malleable our existence is. We are gods of our own little universe. Paradise is not a place, but a condition of the soul.

I have to laugh at how often I find myself stressing over decisions, feeling overwhelmed, working too much, seeking validation, all the while forgetting that the answers were always right here. Inside of me and inside of you. We are capable of molding our own reality at will: with what we think about, say to others, post on the internet, and the information we consume.

Being a freelancer can be difficult at times. The freedom to choose my schedule, how I spend my days, and the projects I take on is priceless. However, I’m finding it even more important to be in alignment with what my body needs and finding an internal balance. I’m excited to begin this new year by exploring how I can attain the holy trinity of vitality. It’s an ongoing endeavor.

It takes something to align with a mission or purpose, then you have to be able to actually sustain it! Here are a few rituals and practices I’m keeping or adding to my daily routine to ensure I’m best nourishing my body, mind, and soul (and completely kick ass in the process).


My focus is on getting strong such that I’m never limited by my physical aptitude. I yearn to live each day being fully in tune with my body and what it’s really capable of. Aka, I never want miss out on an opportunity to play! So what does that look like?

  • 30 day cleanse continuing to eat paleo, less meat, and sugar (no alcohol for over 1.5 years now!)
  • regular heated, early morning yoga and HIIT training.
  • waking up with or before the sun


The goal is to expand my current worldview and understanding of our purpose here and connect with my other cosmic playmates. Seeking to fully experience the age-old question of why we are here.

  • continuing to read every day – especially more books and scientific journals
  • And creating something every day to share with the world.
  • Exploring new ideas,
  • meeting people across the world to understand what their perspective is and what they are dealing with
  • getting in action and learning from others.


This year is for exploring new depths of the soul.

  • Sustaining rituals that nourish me such as a daily yoga and meditation practice.
  • Take time each day to unplug without my phone. It’s so nice to just be quiet and unstimulated sometimes.
  • Creating powerful partnerships and opportunities to play with other star seeds.
  • Adventuring to new places both in the world and inside of myself