Web Design Class Curriculum

Project overview

I collaborated with a local technical school called Austin Coding Academy. Together, we created a course on web design and user experience. In addition, I worked with them to built the webpage they use to advertise for the class.

Austin Coding Academy is locally owned and operated and offers evening classes to empower the working class to launch careers in technology. This class is for people who want to design beautiful web experiences and get a job as a freelance web designer. Students learn both design and web development skills as well as the capabilities to launch their own freelance business.


About the Course

It was a lot of fun to source material for the course based on my own experience and the input of web designers around Austin. As a result, we designed a class for people who want to design beautiful website that incorporate great user experiences and account for accessibility. Students learn both design and web development skills.

The coursework covers the fundamentals of design, color theory, readability, typography, and standards for crafting good user experiences and interface. Students also learn more technical skills such as how to take advantage of CSS frameworks, building templates, and static page generation.

Additionally, by the end of the class students have practiced working with a real client, delivering on a project, and are equipped the tool kit of design skills and materials. This includes a everything they need to run a successful freelance business (i.e. a personal website, client templates, branding guides..etc).

Freelancing Workshop


In addition to the full course, I worked with Austin Coding Academy to produce a workshop on freelancing. Attendees learn practical skills for a successful business such as how to:

  • Form your personal branding so you are giving the right message to increase your chances of finding good clients
  • Actually find clients (that you actually want to work with/ how to evaluate if they are a good fit for you/ learn red flags)
  • Write a winning proposal (that clearly lays out expectations for the project)
  • Layout a contract that will protect you legally (such as if someone doesn’t pay you)
  • What kinds of things to say in a client meeting to set yourself up for success (such as talking about your prices and creating an estimation/ timeline you can stick to)
  • Be a good communicator so the project has greatest chance for success and you can build a lasting partnership with clients. We all love repeat work!