Analytics & Onboarding Tool

Project overview

This was a really fun and also massive project. I worked with a company that provides their eCommerce vendors with a large, online marketplace to sell products and manage affiliate networks.


Services Provided

During the discovery process, we revealed several bottlenecks in the new vendor on-boarding and product compliance system. So we worked together to completely reinvent their internal vendor management dashboard.

The result was a custom solution for employees to more easily manage new vendors and products on the platform with as much automation as possible. This included an entirely new suite of data tracking tools for vendors, an on-boarding wizard that fed into a back-house management dashboard, and a swanky marketing website for the offering.

Confidentiality Notice

Since its an internal system, this work needs to remain confidential and owned by the client. However, I have adapted all designs to be a generic version of the marketing website we used to advertise the product as well as a glimpse into the employee solutions.

Dashboard for employees to manage all communications with vendors as they went through the product compliance and on-boarding process.

Mock-ups of the marketing website for the platform.