Freelance Femmes

Project overview

Freelance Femmes hosts a monthly gathering of babes that run a freelance business in Austin, Texas. The goal is to connect with the community, support each other, get advice, share our wins, learn how to make more money, foster new ideas, run our businesses better, and collaborate on meaningful projects. All creative women of different talents and levels of experience are welcome! If you are a web designer, illustrator, copywriter, marketer, programmer, or graphic designer..etc, join in on the fun!


Meetups and workshops for women in Austin, TX who want to grow with fellow kickass creatives running a freelance business.

Services Provided

For this initiative, worked with fellow creatives to create the brand, messaging, and associated marketing content. In addition, I designed and developed the WordPress site.

I've included some samples of the mood boards and design iterations we went through before aligning on the final look for the website and social media.

Social Media Strategy

In addition to traditional social media channels and outreach, we created a Facebook group as a way to provide members more value and a community. The thought being that together, members will take it to the next level and really let their businesses, ideas, and creative expression run wild. Here, active members are connecting throughout the month and get help on projects, share wins, get advice, and foster collaboration on projects

Check out their website.