Robotics U by Abilix

Project overview

I worked with a company called Abilix to create a new product line: Robotics U. This included producing an app that partners with their educational robotics product for kids. The theme of the first kit is self-driving vehicles. Kids who buy the kit are guided through of an experience learning about incredible feats of technology as they build their own robot. Additional to the build, we teach them how to program the robots to drive around or play fun games.

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By learning through play, kids (and their parents!) will better understand and apply first-hand the fascinating technologies shaping our future.

Services provided

About Robotics U

Robotics U is the intersection of decades of experience in both robotics development and education. With Robotics U kids and parents will explore the world of Robotics through a variety of fun builds, games, and activities; as well as, a full video curriculum to teach the foundational elements behind a series of robotics applications. Each set is designed to teach the basics of robotics, engineering, and programming to better prepare kids for their science and math courses, careers, and interests.

We worked tirelessly to develop a product that will help parents and kids better understand the world around them in a fun and engaging way. Together, families will discover the wonder of building, programming and bringing all kinds of robots to life.

Robotics U is a platform for experiential learning. Our robotics sets aren't a one-off building experience. They encourage children to innovate while walking them through a series of lessons that teach them the fundamentals of robotics. Children build, play, learn, and innovate.